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Collaborative manufacturing suite from Quote to Ship

Work in Progress (WIP)

Apparel Connect ERP stream-lines your production, reducing the value of your WIP at any given time, and identifies potential production delays early, be they internal or external, material or workflow related. Easy to use visual tools allow you to reschedule jobs quickly when you need to respond to the unexpected, raise efficiency on the line, and identify defects and causes of re-works early. Apparel Connect ERP gives you tools to ensure On Time Production and ultimately On Time Delivery, every time.

WIP in Apparel Connect features:

  • Unlimited factories, production lines, machines,
  • Manage In House and Outsourced processes
  • Analyse causes of no production
  • Automatic alerts combined with workflow management ensure On-Time Production.
  • Notify ahead of time all required materials or processes are not ready to begin production
  • Accurate order based P&L with Labour Cost Control
  • Split and merge orders into production batches
  • Analyse approved and rejected garments
  • Compare hourly production targets against actuals in real-time
  • Extensive analysis and reporting tools
  • Integrated with Gpro SDT RFID for real-time production tracking
  • Barcoded cut-ticket tracking and payroll module included

Manufacturing and purchasing may be geared to meet order demand (individual "cut-to-order" schemes) as well as make-to-stock. Apparel Connect WIP supports unlimited work orders per buyer's order and per style. Multi-staged receiving, partial receivers, damages, overstock, cancelled orders and material utilisation reports are fully supported.

Fully integrated with Gpro SDT RFID system , built in barcode support and easy to use supervisor manual entry. Track production data in real time within your sales orders, direct to the merchandiser's desktop. Built in labour cost control for your job costing and P&L. Piece rate earnings captured and exported for each employee directly to your (3rd party) payroll .

Apparel Connect Planning Board

State of the art visual planning boards and reporting allow you to zoom in or out without limit to perform long term tentative planning and easily reschedule where there are changing priorities.

Identify exactly where pre-production issues or overdue tasks are at risk of causing a delay and guarantee On Time Production and On Time Delivery every time.

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