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Apparel Connect is designed for buying houses, contract, CMPT and OEM manufacturers

Work Smarter... Work Together

When you have the entire team (development, merchandising, supply chain and manufacturing) working within a unified product lifecycle management (PLM) system your product development process becomes more efficient and you can address challenges across your value chain more effectively.

Buying Houses

Apparel Connect helps you react to changing customer and market demands, as well as compliance requirements and the demand for fast fashion. Combine this with exceptional collaboration tools, multi-option sourcing, and multi-dimensional costing and quotation capabilities, and you have the entire solution to manage the myriad of challenges you face on a day-to-day basis.

OEM Manufacturers

Apparel Connect ERP gives you a complete range of cataloguing, sampling and product development tools required by OEM manufacturers of high end brands. Combine this with sophisticated forecasting and inventory management for make-to-stock and purchase-to-stock and production planning, pre-production planning and workflow management tools to rapidly reduce your lead times and productivity

CMT / CMPT Factories

Apparel Connect ERP provides make-to-order and purchase-to-order manufacturers all the tools required to guarantee On-Time Production and On-Time Delivery every time. Lower your costs, improve your customer service and improve your product quality, and manage all you buyers and their orders with ease. Includes job based costing to analyse profit & loss of your buyers and orders

Garment & Fabric Traders

Lightweight system for traders of garments and fabrics includes cataloguing, order management modules, finished-goods warehousing, carton packing and labelling, purchasing and financial accounting modules.

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Sourcing is a complex formula of location, logistics, lead-time, price, compliance and reliability.

With Apparel Connect Buying House modules you can service your customers better by delivering unprecedented value including market feedback, pro-active sampling, vendor evaluation, and managing social compliances. This ability to source competitively, with good quality, timely delivery, regular reporting to buyers, etc. is what every buyer looks for and this is exactly what Apparel Connect delivers.

Manufacturers and their supply chain partners are able to collaborate to deliver new styles that customer want, when they want them

OEM / CMPT Manufacturing

Does this sound familiar? Managing solutions to problems like:

  • Late delivery of raw materials
  • Lines stopped due to 'waiting for work' from cutting or embroidery / print factories

Spending all day:

  • Juggling production plans to manage new priorities
  • Fire-fighting to ensure on time production / delivery
  • Chasing merchandisers for order status to update your buyers
  • And of course, all those meetings, emails and phone calls to keep things on track ....

It doesn't have to be like this!

It's not really the best use of time but what choice do you have? Some will say its our job - but the truth is it's because of the tools you are using.

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