Production Planning /

Smart Planning Boards, Active Scheduling and Capacity Control

Is material supply hurting your productivity ?

Are you planning your material supply to match your plan?  Or, changing your plan to match your material supply?

Priorities for merchandisers change as production plans change, but unfortunately pre production staff are too often unaware what is actual happening on the shop floor resulting in poor re-planning and shuffling of newer orders.

ApparelConnect ERP automatically updates pre-production priorities and critical tasks based on the current production plan, and automatically adjusts planned production based on the actual information from the factory floor, giving you updated poduction finish times, and rescheduling subsequent production runs without requiring user input.

Apparel Connect's highly efficient production planning system is the result of integration between industrial engineering, capacity control, fabric cutting, line planning, task management and material resource control

ApparelConnect ERP Production Planning =

Capacity Control+ Line Planning + Material Control + Task Management

Apparel Connect intuitive and visual planning tools are designed for accurate and efficient scheduling of multiple factories, manufacturing lines and machines, work orders and out-of-line activities including fabric-processing, inspections and sub-contracting.

Orders can be loaded directly from the order screen and easily visualised on the planning board with key dates and critical path events, the current cut plan, raw material availability and expected receipt dates all updated dynamically

Production Planning Board
  • Automated 'One-Click' capacity control and drag and drop production planning

  • Barcode & RFID data tracking for bottleneck analysis and integrated labour cost control

  • Allows detailed daily analysis or long term planning using the same tools

  • Advanced Apparel Connect Planning Board Tool identifies any risks to production start to make sure of On Time Production including:

  • Material Status: Catch early any orders where required materials are not yet received

  • Workflow Status: Flag early any orders with workflow tasks overdue

  • Automatically re-assigns completion dates and reschedules productions in cases of delays or slippage.

  • Create unlimited operations such as sewing, embroidery, washing, finishing etc

  • Define hourly targets and piece rates for each operation.

  • Capture and analyze planned vs. actual production

Production Reports

Dynamically updated planning boards always reflect the current situation including slippage with orders automatically rescheduled and colour coded to indicate early, on-time or late completion and Drag-and-drop planning board allows all problems to be seen on one screen and re-planning is as simple as moving orders with the mouse. Run 'What If' scenarios and different optimisation strategies to maximise production potential and reduce delayed hours.

Production Planning Board

State of the art visual planning boards and reporting

As sewing plans are changed new critical paths are calculated to meet the new planned cut and load dates. Time and Action plans are automatically re-scheduled, and new priorities are identified for pre-production automatically updating each departments to-do lists and dashboard.

tickMulti-level capacity planning at both factory and operation/machine level

tickComplete end-to-end system for ERP, Planning and WIP - no double data entry

tickSupports barcode and RFID production tracking and labour cost control

tickManage work in progress, fabric processing and sub-contracting

tickPre-production priorities actively driven to support the latest plan and workflows aligned to reflect the new critical path

tickDynamically updated planning boards reflect the current situation including slippage with material status and risks of delay clearly indicated on each MO

tick Flexible, management level reporting and alert engine

tickAnalyze actual vs. target production details and determine areas of inefficiency and potential improvement.

ApparelConnect's production planning manages WIP at every stage from detailed Cut Plan and Cutting schedule, to sewing, washing, finishing and and includes workflows and planning modules for Cutting, Fabric Processing from Yarn, RFQs & Sourcing, Sampling and Subcontracting


Apparel Connect Planning is completely integrated with MRP , with each order's materials status visible from the planning board, with alerts and visual identification when material is fully received , or where risk conditions are met such as defects found or receipts are overdue.

Material issue Status

Apparel Connect QC module also works together with production planning – providing visual identification of QC status to planners, stores, cutting and merchandisers teams directly on the planning board, and updates merchandisers with alerts when QC is complete or where defects are found.