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Style costing and development tools from quote to order

Apparel Connect style development module includes Quick Costing for quotations and rapid response to RFQs, and tracking development history from enquiry through to approved prototype. Includes active Time and Action planning for on-time labdip and strike off approval, fabric testing, and certifications, and centralises all development documents and images for easy access to a fully browsable style history.

Apparel Cost Sheet Style Development

The module includes multiple industry specific tools for vertical factories producing their own knits, such as Quick Yarn-to-Fabric calculator which will calculate fabric cost from the daily yarn price and the Quick Consumptions tool which calculates final fabric requirements from standard measurements. Together these allow fine tuning and adjustment of fabric GSM and finish to hit target .

Once prototype is approved and order is confirmed, detailed costing is perfect for those factories who need to manage large style libraries . Tools like Style Import from buyer BOM, and Style Templates make creating accurate costsheets simple and quick, and the Apparel Connect engine of course supports unlimited fabric usages, multi dimensional size/colour matrices, barcode generation and sku tracking, multi level BOM with work orders either in house or sub contracted, , trims, embellishments, services, variable and fixed costs with individual tolerances and limits for purchasing and material utilisation.

Apparel Cost Sheet Style Development

Apparel Connect development module features unlimited user defined units, separate costing, purchase and stocking units

Tracks and organises development of new styles from enquiry through approved prototype, fit sample, and all material and colour sample submissions for rapid, first time right performance of confirmed orders.

  • Multiple cost sheets per style - Easily change costings with changes in season or exchange rates without change of style codes.

  • Develop styles with an unlimited number of Fabrics, Trims, Embellishments, Services and Variable costs.

  • Styles can consist of a single piece or unlimited 'style spares' such as gift sets, suits, tracksuits. Cost together, and easily add, merge and remove elements and track individual production.

  • Protect your costings. Once style cost sheets are approved they are locked style cost sheets requiring manager access to re-open and amend.

  • Copy styles with single click to create quick variations .

  • Easily view consumptions and edit markups and pricing from within the cost sheet screen.

  • Auto generated 'sized' products when order assortments received from buyer ensures correct product codes and quantities are sent to BOM automatically.

  • Track and audit all changes and edits to styles and orders. Who did what, when and why.

  • Generate Line sheets, Spec Sheets, Measurements specifications.

  • Attach any windows recognised documents to style cost sheet such as buyer emails, faxes, PDFs

  • Multi currency and multi unit support for all components with automatic currency and unit conversion including fabric weight to length and length to weight.

Specify an unlimited number of colour ways and size ranges for each style, including support for multi-dimenstional sizes such as brassier cup size

Apparel Cost Sheet articles and colourways

Specify an unlimited number of 'style spares' - separate parts that make up a single style, and allows independent costing and production for each spare. Especially useful for footwear manufacturers, or gift sets or other assemblages like suits and tracksuits.

apparel connect ERP style spares

Accessories and Trims management allows grading rules and size specific trim codes and consumptions to be defined at the cost sheet level and allows automatic BOM generation .

Apparel Garment ERP Trims

Apparel Garment ERP Sample submissions