Fabric Marking and Cutting /

Collaborative manufacturing suite from Quote to Ship

Cut Room and Marker Room

Apparel Connect Cut Room module manages all your fabric marking and cutting and works together with Lectra, Gerber and other CAD based design systems

Comprehensive fabric marking module includes Style Markers, Sales Order Markers and Production Markers,

Binding and piping worksheets automatically calculate consumptions for horizontal cuts, vertical cuts, diagonal cuts and circular cuts

Consumptions are calculated automatically with automatic unit conversion including between length and weight (e.g. from Yards to lbs) and automatically update the product specification and cost sheet.

Bundle generation and movements are all controlled and the sophisticated module will print all necessary move-tickets, bundle labels, barcodes, cutting worksheets and outsourcing dockets.

Ideal for high - ply cuts on laser cutting tables, the module supports layering multiple orders and multiple colours together for a single cut

Unlimited tables , orders, colours and markers per cut-lot

Grading and Sorting Management ensure no shading problems

Integrated with fabric QC module for discovered defects at cutting table

  • Grading and Sorting
  • Style marker for costing and quotation
  • Cut planning for accurate consumption estimating
  • Adjustable production markers on fabric receipt
  • Binding & Piping Calculations for Horizontal, Circular, Vertical and Diagonal Cuts
  • Move ticket printing for barcode WIP
  • Integrated with Gpro SDT for RFID WIP
  • Outsource control for embroidery and printing

style markers & cut room

  • Bundle management to individual body part
  • Barcode bundle move tickets
  • Integrated with LCC & Payroll
  • Body Part bundle labels
  • Cut,Size, Shade grading and sorting
  • Machine Layout Plans
  • Sorting & Grading
  • Cut Worksheets

Order Marking Layout Report