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Collaborative manufacturing suite from Quote to Ship

Apparel Connect's inventory module works in concert with costing, WMS, production planning and purchasing modules to ensure that your plant is always operating at maximum efficiency.

Multi Dimensional SKUs

Apparel Connect manages all your inventory whether it be finished goods, fabrics, trims or office supplies. SKUs are built from up to five dimensions using state-of-the-art Oracle 'flexfield' database techniques based on the type of product and your particular requirements, so for fabrics a standard configuration would be Product Code, Colour, Dye-Lot, Roll ID/Batch ID, Bin Location and for finished goods Style Code, Colourway, Size, Bin location, Serial#. By building the information into the SKU in this way Apparel Connect is able to provide extremely high level inventory management, warehouse management and business intelligence functions.

Easily search products and generate reports including valuations for raw materials by supplier, by customer, for particular compositions, dye-lot, warehouses and more.

Audited Stock Transactions

ApparelConnect WMS provides full auditing for every stock transaction from manufacturing through to sale and return. A full audit history of every individual stock item is kept throughout the complete product lifecycle enabling absolute transparency throughout the enterprise. Auditing is extremely comprehensive, and logs all stock transactions and transfers with an electronic date, time, initiator and reference stamp. This transaction information is archived for the life of the product and can be easily and flexibly accessed for management information reporting purposes and is fully searchable.

Automatic Requisitions

ApparelConnect features sophisticated, yet quick and practical automated allocations and requisitions direct from the Bill of Materials

Generate material issues from requisitions, manage returns to inventory and to supplier, generate receipts into warehouse, print packing lists and raise material trading invoices.

Fabric bundle management

For CMT and outsourced work ApparelConnect manages all raw material movements including issuing fabric rolls (e.g. for wash , or all over print), fabric bundles , trims or even individual body parts. Each part is tracked to ensure no shading issues and allowing multiple stage outsourcing.

Allocation and Pick management

Multiple warehouse tracking is supported, as well as preferred bin locations within a warehouse. When goods arrive preconfigured rules instruct your staff where to store items by default

Apparel Connect features fully customizable barcoded stickers in multiple sizes and formats.

Consignments and WMS

ApparelConnect WMS extends the existing raw materials inventory management system to account for stocks of finished goods at main storage warehouses and on consignment providing a comprehensive solution for distribution and inventory management and providing detailed stock and location reporting.

Control of all deliveries and returns between main warehouses and to and from consignment locations, ApparelConnect WMS will enable you to document and manage all material receipts (Goods Received Notes) ,Issues (despatch notes) and Returns.

In addition, ApparelConnect WMS will link in with a web portal enabling outlets to log in and record daily sales, and place orders

RFID Handheld devices for Apparel Factories

RFID Integration

Improving warehouse operation and efficiency starts with a capable receiving and put-away environment. Full integration with Barcode and with EIS and Intermec RFID advanced handheld tools enables your staff to receive shipments quickly and accurately on the warehouse floor without the need for data entry which streamlines the receiving and put-away process . Direct communication between RFID readers and the ApparelConnect database means staff can be notified within seconds of any discrepancies between received goods and expected incoming items.

Intermec RFID Apparel

Full FIFO Stock Control

Apparel Connect will automate all your receipts, put aways and issues, to guarantee the most efficient allocation and keeping your inventory running at minimum levels

Stock Movements,Requisitions, Receipts, Issues and Returns all are handled seamlessly, giving you control and analysis over stock that is :

  • Available for sale
  • Damaged
  • In transit
  • On Hold
  • Allocated to Orders

Purchases and work orders can be received in multiple, partial stages, with full journaling for all delivery orders and receipts providing a complete audited history, and final stage receiving can go through inspection phase prior to being credited to inventory.

Multiple warehouse tracking is supported, as well as pick management and bin locations within each warehouse.

Fabric Roll Labels