Fabric Processing /

Collaborative product development tools from Quote to Order

Fabric Processing, Knitting & Dyeing.

  • Plan Fabric Processing from Yarn to Griege, Greige to Finished Product
  • Auto calculate Yarn quantities required for target fabric quantity
  • Maintain colour recipes, shrinkage percentages, process price markups, etc.
  • Suitable for outsourced Leather Processing and Knit Fabric Production & Processing
  • Define multiple operation steps per process
  • Allocate in-stock materials at different stages of procesing
  • Combine orders, styles and contracts to generate outsource work orders

Fabric Dyeing

  • Define multiple user defined process and operation sequences with separate costs and wastages per colour
  • Automatically insert yarn / dye quantities into order BOM
  • Manage outsourced fabric production including attaching dyes and other materials.
  • Full Delivery order control and journaling
  • Integrate fabric production plan with main order plan on planning board