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Collaborative product development tools from Quote to Order

Well-made products are documented with well-made bill of materials (BOM).

Apparel Connect 'Intelli BOM' improves your accuracy and efficiency by integrating Purchasing, Stores and Cut Room modules.

Cut plans from your order markers will automatically update your fabric BOM giving you extremely accurate consumptions

Merchandisers can automatically allocate open stock from stores, generate material requisitions and raise purchase to order POs. Both FIFO and Smallest Roll First allocation strategies are supported. Where an order requires more material than is available, Apparel Connect will automatically generate appropriate purchase orders while maintaining the flexibility to adjust quantities, pricing, suppliers, and terms prior to approval and issue.

Apparel Connect BOM supports unlimited units and currencies for costing and for purchasing with automatic conversions including between fabric weight and length.

Multiple PO layouts including colour-grouped for fabrics, multi-order, size-grouped and even colour and size matrix

Multi-Shipment POs allow you to purchase for multiple factories and delivery locations and dates simultaneously.

Automatically generates purchase orders and stock requisitions for single or multiple orders

Purchase To Stock module analyses orders in hand, forecasts and future indications to make Stock Purchase recommendations

  • Control extra purchase allowance percentages with division policies
  • Combine sub assemblies to create multi level BOMs
  • Products in each requisition are allocated the optimal stock items to make up the order, with all warehouse and pick details available on the same screen
  • View Purchase Quantity, BOM Quantity, Wastage Quantity, Allowed Extra Purchase and Cut Plan Quantities side by side in order based POs and eliminate errors.

BOM purchasing

  • Add freight charges, import duties, and other costs
  • Orders show total values based on quantities ordered and shipped, including landed costs.
  • Shipping and packing terms automatically added to order.
  • View inventory from the BOM with one click.
  • Purchase to Stock and Purchase to Order both fully supported
  • Automatic and Manual Stock Requisitions